MC Čišćenje

in accordance with nature

Technical inspection, waste management, different types of cleaning, recovery fuel and lubricants tank, sanitation of ecological accidents


Emergency intervention

0 - 24

About Us

Welcome to a specialized Croatian company MC Čišćenje d.o.o., who can be your reliable partner in environmental cleansing

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Sanitation of the consequences of ecological accidents

The company possesses all the necessary equipment, tools and vehicles for the intervention and sanitization

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To carry out this activities, the company also owns vehicles certified for transport of dangerous goods by road (van, truck, tank cars) according to ADR regulations

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Waste management

MC Čišćenje d.o.o. performs the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste for which it has the appropriate permits / certificates of the competent state institutions

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Technical testings

MC Čišćenje Laboratory in its management system has a clearly defined policy of action in case of suspension or withdrawal of accreditation.

Emergency intervention

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