At MC Čišćenje d.o.o. operates a separate, independent Laboratory for Construction Products Testing and Non-destructive Testing of Materials accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency according to HRN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2007.

Accreditation certificate

The scope of accreditation refers to the 5 test methods:

  • Testing watertightness of sewage by water and air according to HRN EN 1610
  • Determination of sealing of sewage treatment plants and storage facilities according to HRN EN 1508
  • Testing of pressure pipeline according to HRN EN 805
  • Testing and visual encoding of the condition of the object by recording with a remote controlled CCTV camera, by entering the man into the object, using the mirrors, by photographing according to the HRN EN 13 508-2
  • ultrasound thickness measurement according to HRN EN 14 127 standard

MC Čišćenje Laboratory in its management system has a clearly defined policy of action in case of suspension or withdrawal of accreditation.

The policy is available on request.

For conducting watertightness of sewage and sewage treatment facilities MC Čišćenje d.o.o. owns:

Decision of the fulfillment of special conditions for carrying out the waterproofing of sewage and wastewater treatment facilities issued by the Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Croatia.

Through its activity and constant professional training, we have undergone a common goal that manifested itself in the satisfaction of current customers.

We would like that future customers of our services rest assure that we are a reliable partner through our quality of technical testing services.

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