MC Čišćenje d.o.o. is a company whose core business is technical testing, waste management, various types of cleaning, sanation fuel and lubricant tanks and environmental remediation.

By focusing on Quality Management, Environmental Protection, Health and Safety Management, MC Čišćenje is committed to:

  • bettering and constantly improving the quality of business and services, increasing customer satisfaction, and creating competitive market reputation;
  • permanently improving the efficiency of the quality system, environmental protection, health and safety protection;
  • preventing and reducing environmental pollution;
  • recognizing significant aspects of the environment and their impacts;
  • active co-operation with local communities and all interested parties on environmental protection;
  • continuous implementation of applicable legal regulations;
  • developing environmental awareness of all workers, education and training for effective environmental protection and protection of health and safety at work;
  • maintaining cleanliness and orderly workplaces, whether it be premises at the location of the company or the client’s premises in order to prevent accidents that could result in injuries to the health of workers;
  • focus on prevention and minimizing of risks to workers’ health and safety.

These goals are an obligation for all employees and will be supervised by the Director in a manner to analyze customer complaints, discrepancies, oversight and follow-up of orders and contracts execution, oversight of the implementation process, preventive and corrective actions, potentially dangerous situations, incidents and internal audit results.

The obligation of all employees is:

  • maintain a unique approach to quality, environmental protection, health and safety protection starting with the first contact with a potential buyer, up to the fulfillment of contract obligations;
  • carry out its tasks and tasks in accordance with applicable procedures and legal regulations;
  • point to problems with the aim of their rapidly elimination;
  • suggest better ways to perform tasks, operate your organizational unit, and the system as a whole;
  • follow the rules on occupational safety and access the work in a safely manner.

By accomplishing the goals of this Policy of Quality, Environmental Protection, Health and Safety Protection we contribute to environmental protection and health and safety protection of workers through constant investment in technology and human resources, and with the application of new technological solutions.

All employees will be familiar with this policy.

This policy will be reviewed at least every three years and updated as needed.

Sisak, September 08, 2017.

Director: Zdravko Medved

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