We do the following types of specialized cleaning

  • Cleaning of large industrial tanks (petrol and diesel fuels, oils)
  • Cleaning of machinery, facilities and industrial plants
  • Municipal cleaning
  • Cleaning of river boats, ships and oil platforms
  • Cleaning of sewage systems
  • Ecological cleaning in nature – ECO HUNTER plant
  • Cleaning in narrowed and limited spaces – ECO PICCOLO
  • Mobile steam boiler room VPS 400/003

To carry out this activities, the company also owns vehicles certified for transport of dangerous goods by road (van, truck, tank cars) according to ADR regulations (European Agreement on International Carriage of Dangerous Goods), as well as other necessary equipment, vehicles, machines, means and tools for work.

Workers who perform chemical – mechanical cleaning jobs are trained in work safety and with fire protection, also to work with hazardous chemicals, and to work in explosive zones. Drivers for the transport of dangerous substances are trained under ADR regulations.


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