MC Čišćenje d.o.o. is authorized to carry out measures and procedures for eliminating the consequences of sudden water contamination, for which it has certified Decision for carrying out the activities of preventing the spread and elimination of consequences of extraordinary and sudden pollution of water and water wealth, issued by the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Croatia.

The company possesses all the necessary equipment, tools and vehicles for the intervention and sanitization of the pollution that are properly stored, serviced and maintained to be always available for the needs of the intervention.

In view of the above, we can offer a service of „COLD DRIVE“ in the case of preventing the spread and elimination of the consequences of extraordinary and sudden pollution of water and water property, thereby reducing the risk of greater pollution.

The basic success of each intervention depends on the speed of action from the emergence of dangers or pollution to the beginning of the implementation of measures to prevent or mitigate pollution. For this reason, the Emergency Response Team MC Čišćenje comes out as soon as possible to the scene of the accident, carries out measures to prevent further pollution and/or perform remediation of the contaminated area.

Employees participating in the intervention are provided with appropriate personal protective means and equipment, and are trained in external institutions and by responsible persons in internal education.

Workers participating in the intervention have been trained to work with poison at the Croatian Institute of Toxicology and Anti-Doping, safe operation and fire protection, and drivers for the transport of dangerous substances are trained under ADR regulations. All employees are further educated by RESPONSIBLE PERSONS for the implementation of emergency measures in a safe manner, and according to the Environmental Protection Plans.

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