The ECO HUNTER plant is used for demanding types of machined, high pressure and thermal cleaning work on inaccessible terrain in deeper natural areas and it has the ability to work at low temperature operating regimes (year-round work).

This means the maintenance of infrastructure such as mountainous drainage areas, public drainage in cities from purification facilities to the recipient, agricultural drainage, railroad tracks and other similar inaccessible terrain.

The plant consists of a towing vehicle and a connecting plant, and is equipped for multipurpose operation.

The four-wheel drive (4×4) on a tractor wehicle which allows it to approach difficult inaccessible terrains is equipped with a crane for the rough (preparatory) cleaning. Also used for lifting of concrete heavy coverings on the sewage treatment facilities shafts and ect. There is a possibility of joining the mulch that serves to clean the plumed terrain from the vegetation and allows easier passage through it.

The connecting unit is a trailer with a tank equipped for high-pressure cleaning and washing, with heating option, enabling operation on low-temperatures down to -7 ° C, for which MC Čišćenje d.o.o. has trained workers specially for those kind of working conditions.

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